デザイナーは日置 貴哉。

文化服装学院にてデザインおよびパターンを学ぶ。その後、古着屋勤務と同時にSUNAOKUWAHARAやNICK NEEDLES等でインターンを行いより深くファッションについて学び、2014SSアパレルブランド『Takayahioki』をスタート



Takayahioki is a Japanese fashion brand, with designer Takaya Hiyoki at its helm.

He studied design and pattern-making at Bunka Fashion College. Subsequently, he worked in a vintage clothing store while also interning at brands like SUNAOKUWAHARA and NICK NEEDLES, deepening his understanding of fashion. In the 2014 Spring/Summer season, he launched the apparel brand "Takayahioki".

The concept revolves around 'clothes that change shape, offering various ways to wear them.' For example, clothes that can alter their shape through drawstrings, or by tying straps, or even garments that break conventional norms through the combination of elements, as well as remaking vintage pieces into completely different forms.

The brand avoids commonplace designs (common across various brands) and focuses on never-seen-before combinations, cuts, and item selections in its vintage deconstruction. By deliberately aligning motifs (like preserving the pocket part of vintage clothes in the design) and origins, it highlights the charm and fascination of vintage garments.